23 Nov
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Honest! The Dog Ate My Homework!

True enough, loyal blog followers, I can’t complete the post planned for this morning, a wonderful dark chocolate/cashew concoction as a nod to friend Holly who was begging for something chocolate, because the dog ate his way through the Bulk Barn Christmas baking supplies and I’m off to the vet in our first blizzard! Really, does this face look innocent to you? This is Lochiel, 6 year old Sheltie, voracious and indiscriminate eater, well he did discriminate against the glaceed cherries and citron peel, so the Christmas cake will still proceed later this week…

So, now, instead of the wonderful aromas of Christmas baking wafting through the house as the first snow of 2011 settles gently on the ground, there will be the rather pedestrian smell of boiled chicken and boiled white rice permeating the air. His nibs must have a bland, homemade diet, but not of course until tomorrow morning. He’s been to the vet, shot full of anti-nausea and antacids, been poked and prodded and is now home to be coddled until he can return to his normal, “I’ll eat anything” self.

So just in case my loyal readers think that writing this blog is all glam and glitz, just wanted to set the record straight! Take good care.